No we are not talking about some kind of new genetic experiments. These surrogates came to life in 1973 with the opening of the CBOE and listed options trading and they are alive and well today. What began with expirations 4 times a year has morphed into 52 times a year with some options expiring 104 times a year.

The beauty of this for traders and short to medium term investors is the almost endless selection of strike prices and expirations. What does that mean exactly you ask?

It allows you the trader/investor to select a specific term for their investment and to quantify in advance how much money you wish to risk on any and every specific trade/stock/investment.

Sound too good to be true? Guess what, it is happening right now.

And you haven’t heard the best part yet.


Yes it’s the same leverage vehicle that Warren Buffet referred to as a financial weapon of mass destruction.

You can make this leverage work to your advantage. If it blows up, you can own it.

With careful selection and execution on the SpreadHunter platform, the same or lower $ dollar investment that you would make from any stock research recommendation, either long or short, from any source, IB, Valueline, VectorVest, your brother in law…….. you can achieve anywhere from 5 to 15 x return on a successful trade.

Yes you read that correctly…… 5-15 times the gain on the same dollar amount invested.

As you can see in the spread highlighted below, a $36 dollar spread could reap up to $164 dollar return in a SPY advance. If you multiply that by 10, $360 dollars can turn into $1,640. If you were to buy the underlying, the cost to enter this trade would be $24,360. And the results may or may not improve.

There is obviously more to this discussion and we would be more than happy to discuss it to your satisfaction.

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