SpreadHunter Customers often ask for recommendations on finding the best newsletters and real time trading signals to help make their trading decisions.

The good news is, we test a wide range of trading signals on an ongoing basis in our R&D Portfolios with real money so you can test out the profitable ones and avoid the services that lose money. No back testing or hypothetical results in our analysis. Just realized profits and losses.

Running Alpha

For Small Hedge Funds, Family Offices, and High Net Worth Retail Traders we like to feature the Running Alpha Trading Box™ Service from Running Alpha Capital Management. It costs 397- per month. There is no free trial period. You can cancel at any time for the next month but NO REFUNDS. The signals are quite infrequent but the moves are large so this service can be ideal for larger accounts. How It Works: The Alpha Trading Box Framework scrutinizes action-reaction feedback chains of sentiment, momentum and trade positioning using quantum-inspired machine intelligence. In other words, it looks for imbalances between uninformed and smart real money market players in dark and lit markets.

We like Running Alpha because we captured a number of very profitable trades this year, including an Unexpected Bullish Reversal In the S&P, A Surprise Move Up in the Semiconductor Index, A Very Surprising Move Up in the Precious Metals Sector.

SpreadHunter Integration: Paid Subscribers To Running Alpha Get Real Time Scans of Calls/Puts/Verticals on all symbols recommended by RunningAlpha right inside the SpreadHunter Platform– with direct, co-located exchange execution on all signals.

Portfolio Armor

For smaller accounts, we suggest looking at the Portfolio Armor Substack Newsletter. It contains three components:

A Top Ten Ranking of Stocks

A List of Day Before Earnings Trades

Special Situations, Especially From the Short Side

Portfolio Armor provides a weekly recap of the various strategies so you can tell when ideas are working well (or not).

SpreadHunter Integration: SpreadHunter can execute all Portfolio Armor trades if you are away from your desk. Paid Subscribers to Portfolio Armor get Real Time Scans of Calls/Puts/Verticals on all symbols right inside the SpreadHunter Platform — with direct, co-located exchange execution on all trades.

Gamma One

The Gamma One Substack contains two components: a sophisticated premium selling portfolio, and a Global Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio. For traders with high risk tolerance, the premium selling portfolio is worthy of consideration, given its strong track record and high returns. The Global Tactical Asset Portfolio allows retail investors to replicate results of much larger institutional investors. It is much lower risk than the Premium Selling Strategy.

Nuclear Option Trading

This is the official Nuclear Option Trading education newsletter and works with ALL of the services listed above. It teaches you how to create optimal option spread trades for any given bullish, bearish or neutral stock price estimate. Here is what you get:

Weekly Group Zoom Sessions Where We Discuss Your Specific Trading Issues And Concerns

Intra Week Newsletter with Education Themes targeting Option Spread Strategy and Risk Control.

If you are concerned about keeping your trading strategy confidential, we also offer one-on-one education sessions with NDA.