Haven’t seen this kind of 2 way trading for a very long time. You have to go back perhaps as far as the late 90’s during the dot com boom when there were huge daily ranges on a whole host of immature tech stocks. Some of those stocks have since matured and are part of the modern day cabal we call the FANG’s. There are also a new group of high flyers of which Apple is one. These stocks represent tremendous opportunities for options traders not unlike the dot com darlings of days gone by. Seeing as how there is no trading floor to bang around on any longer, all we have left is banging on a keyboard. It can be as exciting as the floor was, if not quite as visceral. All of this is a way of saying the good times are back ! We got both kinds of music, “rock” and “roll”. Buying and selling , puts and calls, long and short. Let the good times roll.